Empowering autonomous robots to support agile production

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Areas mainly addressed: Agile Production, Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics 

Main questions to be answered: 

· What is the progress still needed to empower autonomous robots to support agile production? 

· What are the different ways of applying agile manufacturing methodology to robotics? 

· How can autonomous robots be implemented in industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 to help companies reach their goals? 

WS Description: In order for production in industry to meet changing demands, it’s essential to develop technological systems able to respond to business needs in an agile way. Along with agile production, robotics plays a key role in industry 4.0 and industry 5.0. However, to better utilise solutions such as autonomous robots, cobots, and fleet management- robots that push the limits of perception, planning, & control are needed. 

In this workshop we will hear from robotics experts, including partners in EU projects Agimus and Pillar, and relevant projects that cover the same topic. We will be joined by robotics companies working to develop robotics platforms for agile production. 

As well as individual speaker presentations, the session will feature a panel discussion with open ended questions on the progress to date and progress still needed to empower robotics to support agile production. 

Intended outcome: Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc 

Approach: – Intro to Session (5 min) 

– Panel discussion 5 SME representatives (20 min). 

Experiences from 5 SMEs on challenges faced/facing in bringing robotics solutions to markets. What benefits did they receive from a network of DIHs (IAs)? What made an impact? What would they recommend to improve/add regarding services? 

– Panel discussion on the future of DIH-networks and services. (15 min) 5 representatives from IAs and moderator discuss with audience on lessons learned and future provision of services. 


– Internet Poll where the audience can ‘vote’ on a list of services which they think would be most important for robotics developers 

– Internet Poll to propose questions for Panel members and the possibility to vote for questions posed by others. Moderator will ask the top 3-voted questions from the audience to panel members 


We will be joined by research institutions, including research groups and developers in the topic and robotics companies working in the field of robotics in agile production 


· Alessandro Di Fava, euprojects@pal-robotics.com, PAL Robotics

· Sarah Terreri, euprojects@pal-robotics.com, PAL Robotics

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Room K2 – Koncerthuset
16 March - Agile Production
Alessandro Di Fava