EU Policy, Regulations, Standards

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TG relation: Standards 


Areas mainly addressed: Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI 

Main questions to be answered: 

· Evolving standards and gaps regarding the EU Regulations 

· Needs of SMEs and robots certification 

· AI EU draft regulation and robotics industry: issue and gaps, need of standards 

WS Description: Scope: to understand which problems, hindrances and issues the audience (companies and researchers) has with regards to standards and EU regulations providing practical answers and solutions and collecting the stakeholders inputs and critics for gaps analysis . 

Expected output :minutes containing questions and answers, hints and practical solutions, gap analysis 


After 30 minutes of questions and answers the assembly will be subdivided in 4 groups on specific topics/domains as emerged from previous phase. The panel experts will act as facilitators. 

Possible subgroups are : 

– Standards related to AI and AI EU Regulation Proposal impact on robotics industry 

– Robots using AI , regulations and standards, gap analysis 

Each subgroup will provide minutes to be written down from minute 65 to 70. 

from minute 70 to 80 each subgroup will present its minutes to the full audience. 

Intended outcome: Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Workshops engaging non-roboticists to understand needs/goals (policy, commercial, technical) 

Approach: 80 minutes slot 

Contributors: EU Policy, Regulations and role of the EU Commission in standardisation Peter Broetjes EU Commission 

ADRA working group on standards update Paolo Barattini 

Legged robots test methods. NWIP in TC299 WG4.EUROBENCH Project and how to capitalise on that EU effort in the future. Diego Torricelli 

Semantic Map standardisation Tomasz Kucner Aakto University 

How a robotics SME deals with standards Francesco Ferro PAL Robotics 

ITU (pre-) standardization work in AI, big data, and robotics. Guillerm Marrtinez-Roura ITU 

IEEE robotics standards update Tamas Haidegger Hobuda University 

ISO TC 299 Robotics update Theo Jacobs IPA- IFF 

Data and standards update BDVA representative 

the Innovation Action DIH-HERO in the field of standardization and best practices in health robotic. Michael Obach Tecnalia 


· Paolo Barattini,, Kontor46

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Room 207 – Floor 2
16 March - Regulation and Standardisation
Paolo Barattini