Feasibility of agile manufacturing, what really moves SMEs

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Project cluster relation:

TRINITY – https://trinityrobotics.eu/

IMOCO4.E – https://www.imoco4e.eu/

EdgeAI – https://edge-ai-tech.eu/

ReconCycle – http://reconcycle.eu

EARASHI – https://earashi.eu/

OpenDR – https://opendr.eu/

ODIN – http://www.odin-h2020.eu/

Areas mainly addressed: Agile Production, Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics, Cybersecurity in Robotics

Main questions to be answered: 

What are the needs of SMEs in the field of agile production, IoT and cybersecurity? What needs to be improved in the area of research on these topics? What are the starting Horizon Europe projects working on to bring new innovations to agile manufacturing and close the research gaps?

WS Description: Meet experts from academia, hardware providers, integrators, end-users, service providers, and funding mechanisms and find out the latest developments in the field of agile manufacturing. Participants will learn about the experience of FSTP funding and hear feedback from SMEs who have benefited from it. The focus of the interactive session will be on identifying the needs of SMEs and exploring the most effective ways to approach them. Discussions will also be held on the unresolved issues and future directions for EU projects, including new technologies that will be available for SMEs in the coming years. 

Intended outcome: Workshops engaging non-roboticists to understand needs/goals (policy, commercial, technical), Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Information about community involvement and services offered (e.g. DIHs, open calls, platforms, …), Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc


1. Introduction to the workshop (2 min)
2. Mentoring and financial support for SMEs (5 min)
3. Success stories – Insights of SMEs (SME pitches) from TRINITY Open Call demonstrators, How did SMEs find the support? Did they get what they expected? Have their network expanded after TRINITY? (12 min) 
3.1. Roboticssa
3.2. Spin Robotics
3.3. CASP
4. New EU project pitches, future support for the SMEs. How SMEs will benefit from these projects? Technological advances that SMEs don’t yet have the capabilities. (20min)
4.1. IMOCO4.E
4.2. EdgeAi
4.4. ReconCycle
4.5. OpenDR
4.6. ODIN
5. In the interactive session we will create a space that promotes “good conversation” where everyone can talk about things that are important to them. Our aim is to initiate a discussion with a goal to answer such questions as: 
– How to expand visibility of EU projects and reach more SMEs? 
– Why are the research world and SMEs so far apart, are we too Sci-fi for them, are their challenges to trivial for us? 
– What emerging technologies might be most useful for SMEs? 
During this session, participants will discuss the questions at their table, before moving on to a new table/group for each new round. One participant (the table host) remains and summarizes the previous conversation to the newly arrived participants. By moving participants around the room the conversations at each table are cross-fertilized with ideas from other tables, resulting in a collective intelligence. At the end of the process, the main ideas are summarized in a plenary session and follow-up possibilities are discussed. 


Ignacio Secades – Roboticssa

Thomas Sølund – Spin Robotics

Janis Arents – Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

Roberts Kadikis – Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

Andras Czmerk – Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Jyrki Latokartano – Tampere University

Ales Ude – Jožef Stefan Institute

Raheel Afzal – Flanders Make

Roel Pieters – Tampere University

Apostolis Papavasileiou – University of Patras

Minna Lanz – Tampere University

Further information: https://trinityrobotics.eu/events/erf-2023-trinity-workshops/


· Janis Arents, janis.arents@edi.lv, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

· Jyrki Latokartano, jyrki.latokartano@tuni.fi, Tampere University 

· Minna Lanz, minna.lanz@tuni.fi, Tampere University

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 209 – Floor 2
14 March - B2B and Innovation
Janis Arents