Success stories from EU funded projects

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Project cluster relation: Yes: Organised by the EC but bringing various EU funded projects – their commonality is that they will be selected as they can display appealing success stories. 

Areas mainly addressed: depending on the selection (which will happen only if the WS is approved) 

Main questions to be answered: 

· Presentation of success stories from EU funded projects. What are the results and impact of these projects ? 

· As a scientist, innovator or user, what can I exploit/re-use/learn from these projects? 

· What are the ingredients that make a project successful? 

WS Description: Discover success stories and impact from EU funded projects, how they contribute to advancement in robotics, and the benefit they can bring to the user industry and society. 

Intended outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc 

Approach: Five EU funded projects have been selected to showcase their success in 10 minutes. They will also be asked to share their lessons learned in preparing and implementing these projects. At the end of the five presentations, a panel composed of the presenters will answer to questions from a moderator and the audience will also be invited to ask questions about the projects (from the preparation of proposals to running projects, to exploitation of results). Some of the projects will bring at the forum their user/end-user to also enlarge the community and discussion beyond the robotics community, towards the user community. 

Contributors: Anibal OLLERO, coordinator of AERIAL-CORE project 

Arash AJOUDANI, coordinator of Sophia project 

Jaime MARTIN LOSA, coordinator of Ofera project 

Julien PETTRE, coordinator of Crowdbot project 

Nicolas MANSARD, coordinator Memmo project / Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics 

Further information: H2020 


· Cécile HUET,, European Commission

· Cem GULEC,, European Commission

Event Timeslots (1)

Main Stage – Floor 1
15 March - B2B and Innovation
Cécile HUET