Supporting SMEs in bringing robotics solutions to market

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Project cluster relation: Yes: DT-ICT-02-2018 – Robotics – Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) 


Areas mainly addressed: Healthcare, Agri-Food, Maintenance and Inspection, Agile Production 

Main questions to be answered: 

· How have different robotics DIH networks (Innovation Actions) developed services for SMEs and how have these been received and utilized by the SMEs, especially in relation to the development/uptake of their robotics solutions towards commercialization 

· How will the current 5 robotics IAs (networks of DIHs) continue to provide services for the industry and accelerate the market introduction of robotics? What are the differences in different industries (e.g. Health, Agrifood, Agile Manufacturing, Inspecti 

WS Description: A group of 5 EU-funded robotics projects on the topics of robotics have provided financial support of 40M EUR and additional services to more than 180 European robotics SMEs, to help them bring their solutions to the market. What are the lessons learned and what challenges do SMEs face in bringing their solutions to the market? What services are most important and what are the needs DIHs are not addressing? How can these services be made available across Europe by future networks? 

We will debate the challenges ahead and will seek to pave the way for DIHs networks in serving companies not only within their region, but across Europe, enabling greater uptake of innovative solutions. 

Intended outcome: Information about community involvement and services offered (e.g. DIHs, open calls, platforms, …) 

Approach: The workshop will be an interactive and will be structured on two topics: 

• Impact created by DIHs networks – services for SMEs 

• Future of DIHs networks – challenges and recommendations 

Agenda points: 

1. Welcome and panelist introductions 

2. Panel initial remarks 

3. Moderator-curated questions directed to the panelists on topic: Impact created by DIHs networks – services for SMEs + Online Poll directed to the audience and Q&A 

4. Moderator-curated questions directed to the panelists, on topic: Future of DIHs networks – challenges and recommendations 

5. Q&A 

6. Conclusions 



Mina Lanz – Coordinator of TRINITY Robotics DIHs 

Christophe Leroux – Coordinator of Rima Network 

Françoise J Siepel – Coordinator of DIH-HERO 

Ali Muhammad – Coordinator of DIH² 

Tsampikos Kounalakis– Robotics researcher-agROBOfood 


Maurits Butter RI4EU Gateway to EU Robotics Initiatives 

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· Maurits Butter,, RI4EU (RODIN project)

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 107 – Floor 1
16 March - B2B and Innovation
Maurits Butter