Topicgroup Software & Systems Engineering in Robotics

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TG relation: Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering 

Areas mainly addressed: Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics, Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI, Control technology including virtualisation and edge/cloud, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering 

Main questions to be answered: 

· How to get the TG with its experts into actively shaping and moderating conceptual and technical details? 

WS Description: This workshop from the TG “Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering” is a moderated discussion involving all the attendees (from the TG, from related TGs, from application domains, from outside robotics). The relevance of software systems engineering, software infrastructures, middlewares and tools for robotics is indisputable and there is great awareness. Although the TG resembles the experts from academia and industry, in that topic, it should get more into the role of actively shaping and moderating not only a roadmap but also conceptual and technical details. We invite every interested party to think about how and with which formats we can have the TG to be the place also for conceptual and technical details. 

Intended outcome: Workshop expected to create a roadmap or white paper 

Approach: 10 min Very short introductions into the current and envisioned setting 

10 min Brief round of introductions to know the attendees 

60 min Structured discussion and dialogue with the attendees 

Contributors: – Christian Schlegel, Technische Hochschule Ulm (TG coordinator, confirmed) 

– Arne Nordmann, Neura Robotics GmbH (TG deputy, confirmed) 

– TG members (invited) 

– ERF audience (invited) 


· Christian Schlegel,, Technische Hochschule Ulm 

· Arne Nordmann,, Neura Robotics GmbH

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Room 106 – Floor 1
15 March - Software and Systems
Christian Schlegel